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Three weeks ago, I had shoulder surgery. I had a tear in the tendon which they put in anchors and stitched it up. I also had a very large bone spur removed. My rehab was going very well, had great motion not much pain. Then on Friday, I  was not looking where I was going and ran into a closed glass door - shoulder first.
I am curious as to what imaging can be done to see if I did any damage? My husband thinks there is something very wrong. I do not think I broke it as my husband can move the arm straight up with pain but can do it. I have problems with moving the arm as if you are doing a jumping jack. Very painful. I also have a bone that is very sore and seems to appear larger compared to the other shoulder. I am sure if it was dislocated or broke it you would not be able to move the arm at all.  Just wondering what imagining I would need? Thank you very much.

Hello Deb,
Sorry for a delay in answering the question.

Hopefully you are better today.  I would not go for imaging directly but rather make a follow up appointment with your orthodaedic surgeon if you still have significant pain.
You may not have reinjured anything but since there is a lot of healing taking place after surgery, you may have excurbated swelling in the post operative site.  As far as imaging goes, MRI will certainly show soft tissue/muscle injury but given recent surgery swelling in the region may be due to surgery and not new trauma, so the findings may be very non specific to the cause.  xray will only show bone fractures which I doubt you have.
YOu may even have a small hematoma in the deep soft tissues from hitting the door just because the tissues may not be completely healed from surgery.  Even if that happened there is really nothing to do unless your symptoms are not resolving at all; then I would see your surgeon for a good physical exam of the shoulder.

Hope this is helpful.



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