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Radiology/can a ct scan cause a brain tumor


2 years ago i got a ct scan to my head
with and without contrast at
5 msv i think
with and without contrast is 5 msv right?

i have 2 questions please help me by answer my 2 questions

1-can that ct scan with and without contrast give me
a brain tumor in future?

2-lets say yes i just want to khnow how many years it will take
is it enough to cause a brain tumor in just 2 and a half year?
because now i keep getting Headache and im afraid that it is a growing brain tumor caused by that scan

please answer my 2 question im soo worry and even crying

Hello, Nana.

Please don't worry. The chances that your CT could cause a brain tumor are low. Here is a great page about Radiation Dose:

You'll see in the chart on that website that a CT of the brain with and without contrast is estimated to be 4mSv. That's the equivalent of 16 months exposure to normal background radiation, which is low.

If you are concerned about having a brain tumor, you could ask your doctor to order an MRI (provided you do not have a pacemaker, or any implanted electronic device that would prevent you from being safe in a magnetic field). There is no ionizing radiation produced during an MRI, so you would have zero radiation exposure from that test.

Headaches can be caused by stress, so try not to worry. See your doctor if these headaches continue. There are many non-cancerous causes for headaches. It's more probable that you do not have cancer than that you do.

Hope this helps,


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