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 I have a question about a term they used in the mri report? It said "mass effect on the supraspinatus".
I have had kidney cancer so any mass to me is a trouble. Is that a term they use loosely for just a bone growing or is it trouble? Thank you for your time.

Hello, Deb.

In Radiology, the general definition of the term "mass effect" refers to a shifting of anatomy away from its normal positioning, as if there were a mass. It doesn't necessarily mean there is a mass. It just means the anatomy is displaced or pushed aside for reasons unknown.

A "mass effect on the supraspinatus" means that your supraspinatus appears to be pushed aside from its "normal" location. It could be normal for you. Or it could indicate an area where a nerve is pinched.

It's probably not cancer. Your doctor will be the best one to explain the probable cause of this "mass effect".

Hope this puts your mind at ease a little.

Best of luck to you,


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