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    I am a 49 female who has 6 surgeries on the right hip in the last 6 years. I did get off my crutches 9 months in that time. I have currently been on crutches for the past 1 year and 2 months. I am recovering from HOPEFULLY the last revision. Should get off crutches in a month or so. My problem is that I have no strength in my arms. I have some pain at night. I had a MRI done and here are my results, I have attached the file.
Could you please tell me in your opinion what this Mri report is saying?
Do you think I am looking at another surgery or would PT help? Thank you so much for your time.

Hello Debbie,

It seems as there is inflammation of the tendons and some degeneration of the tendons with partial tears.  I would think that first order of treatment would be PT and not surgery. Now what needs to be assessed is where exactly your weakness is. Is it in the shoulder muscles or in your arms/biceps/triceps.  Does the weakness have to do with tendon degenerative changes or is it due to nerves that supply the muscles? I would talk with your ortho doctor to figure it out. They may potentially look at the cervical spine to look for degenerative disk changes that can effect the nerves and therefore the muscles. Unless there is an acute trauma or significant asymmetric loss of strength on one side, I think surgery is not the first line of treatment.

Hope this helps.



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