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Just had a CT of chest due to swelling of clavicle on right side. Impression of CT.....degenerative changes, osteophyte formation, non specific pulmonary nodules in right mid lobe, and left lower lobe, tiny low densities in right lobe of liver.......nodules are 3-4 mm, elevation of right hemidiaphragm....Should I get a pet scan??  They are recommending repeat CT in 6 months....thanks!! Marsha

Hello, Marsha.

Your doctor's recommendation to repeat your CT in 6 months sounds reasonable to me. Be sure you understand WHY you are having to repeat your CT BEFORE agreeing to it though.

Ask your doctor to be specific about what he is looking for in the repeat study and see if it makes sense to you. If you still have questions, get a second opinion.

If you don't see a logical reason for repeating the CT, don't do it. I'm betting there's a good reason to go through with the test, though.

As for the PET scan; why do you think you need a PET scan? It's a Nuclear Medicine/CT combination exam. A radioactive isotope is injected into your bloodstream and 3D color images of your body functions are created.

PET scans are often used to see how effective an ongoing treatment is. This doesn't seem applicable to your case.

Hope this helps,


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