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I am having the same problem. Have been going through it for at least four years now. I am convinced that it was from carrying my daughter for the first seven years of her life. I carried her in my left arm, until I just couldn't do it anymore. Right now I am having horrible pain in my left back shoulder and left upper arm( in the muscle area) I have had a neck MRI and a left shoulder x-ray and neither one showed anything. I am wondering too if muscle strain or rips or something along those lines, would even show up? I would appreciate any help at all.
Thank you

Hello, Debra.

Muscle strains and rips do show up on MRI. It's the best imaging modality for such injury. You might ask your doctor if he thinks you'd benefit from an MRI of your shoulder. That would show any inflammation or tears around your shoulder muscles and tendons.

However, unless it's possible that the results of the MRI will change his treatment of your symptoms, don't waste your time and money.

I have had a similar problem with shoulder pain and am convinced it is a pinched nerve in my neck. In the past, I've had immediate relief from this pain after chiropractic treatment.

I do not recommend chiropractic neck adjustments though, because I've recently become aware that neck adjustments can cause strokes. But you may find relief in a chiropractic adjustment to your upper back.

Anyway, I'm only the photographer and not really qualified to offer treatment advice. I hope this helps.

Feel better soon,


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