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Are you a technologist

I had 4 weeks ago a ct scan no contrast that came normal because i am having painful head pressure back of my head, other symptoms and tender scalp and ....

Today i had another ct scan with dye they call it angiography , also had for the carotid neck and venogram

Just wondering for my age 38 years old, do you think i had too much radiation for such a small period of time, and wonder what can all those tests find that i have, what is the probability that i have something if my previous ct scan showed no abnormalities or tumor or vessel problem
what is the accuracy rate  with those tests and do you think i should also do an mri test

Today after i was done the technologist made me sit down for 5 minutes then she let me go, so i asked her about my results, she said no life threatening thing so you can go and the radiologist will send the report the coming day in 5 days or so

as an expert or and a technician, can you know from the pictures if there is something wrong or serious otherwise they wont release me...

ANSWER: Hello, Mark.

Yes, I am a technologist.

No, I don't think you had too much radiation within such a short period of time. Here is a good website to estimate your dose: The figures for CT Head w/wo contrast would be equivalent.

Scans with contrast show more about the circulatory system than scans without contrast do. With and without scans go hand in hand. These tests are usually very accurate.

The reason the tech made you wait for 5 minutes after your test is to monitor you for an allergic reaction to the contrast. She wouldn't have let you go if you weren't OK.

Five days seems a little long to wait for a radiology report. Our radiologists have a turn-around time of 24 hours. I guess 5 days would cover the mailing time. But your doctor can get a radiology report usually within one hour, either by fax or phone.

If you are concerned, give your doctor's office a call tomorrow and see if they'll rush your report.

Hope this helps,

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QUESTION: Thank you,

i got a call today from the Dr that referred me for a ct scan anbd his nurse told me we will see you on the 29th of april, like in more than 10 days!!!!!   that long

i am just wondering if all those tests comes back normal , what could cause all those symtpoms specially the head pain and pressure back or when i excerte myself or walk up the stairs

I was reading that sometimes brain matter leaks or something and pushed against the skull and it is dangerous , i wonder if a ct scan can detect those things

or maybe something wrong with my neuropathway in the brain, i have no idea
is it true
will an mri give more details, are there any other tests to exclude brain stuff or abnormalties

ANSWER: Hi, Mark.

If your results had been life-threatening, your doctor would have asked to see you much sooner. My guess is that your results are normal. That's why there's no big rush on your doctor's part.

I'm not qualified to diagnose you; I am only the photographer. Your doctor is in the best position to diagnose your illness based upon the results of these tests.

Any number of things can be going wrong; only your doctor has the complete picture. Try not to worry about what might be.

An MRI is especially helpful to see nerves and the soft tissue of the brain. An MRI of the brain with and without contrast would be a logical next step if your physician suspects central nervous system disease. That is, unless you have a pacemaker, aneurysm clip, drug infusion pump or other contraindicated condition.

Hope you're feeling better soon,

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QUESTION: Just one lask question

from your experience and knowledge

since i am having head pain and tender scalp even on a pillow

can a ct angiograph with dye detect temporal arteritis

and can mri detecet that too

i am worried that i have giant cell arteritis in my brain cause of the symptoms, i know it happenes for older but also can happen for younge people

Hello, Mark.

Yes, CT angiography with dye does visualize temporal arteries.

MRA (MR angiography) of the brain is done without dye and can also visualize temporal arteries.

I am not qualified to diagnose disease, so cannot help you there. Best of luck to you.

Hope this helps,


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