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I had an MRI several months ago of my foot which showed a possible rupture at the musculo-tendinous junction for one of the tendons in my foot.  My question is, is there an imaging procedure which might more clearly show the tendons and muscular junctions than an MRI, or a special type of MRI that would show the tendons more clearly?


Hello, Brian.

MRI is the best imaging modality for visualizing muscles and tendons, hands down. And there are many parameters that can affect image quality.

You can increase image quality by making slices thinner, eliminating movement and increasing the magnetic field strength. Chances are, if you didn't move during your scan and if the scanner you went to has a magnetic strength of 1.5 - 3.0 Tesla, the quality of your scan is of an acceptable quality. Especially if the facility ACR Accredited.

Hopefully your foot will begin feeling better with proper treatment. But if you have any doubt at all that your injury is more severe than your radiology report leads you to believe, don't hesitate to get a second opinion. Ask for another radiologist to evaluate your scan, too.

A friend of mine hobbled around on a broken foot for 12 weeks before discovering that the initial radiology report was wrong.

Hope this helps,


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