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I asked a question about a brain lesion a while back. They recently did a new MRI because I had an episode while driving. It felt like I lifted up, my shoulders went to the back of the seat like a fair ride, my eyes felt like they rolled up and kept blinking. I could not see for a while, then it looked like everything was dark like I was looking through a dark screen, I was able to put the brakes on then and then like it happened, everything was normal again. They said the lesion was stable, but I guess they got clearer pictures this time. So I do not know if this thing was responsible for what happened or when I developed nystagmus when I had bad headaches back in late 2011 when they found it.

The MRI reads - Stable appearance of a small lesion arising from the left insula and protruding into the left sylvian fissure with signal loss on T2 imaging. There is no abnormal intra or extra axial post contrast enhancement. Stable round lesion (7mm) in the left insula with susceptibility artifact, likely chronic blood products versus calcification.

I had to scan printed copies to get them as a file on here. I hope you can see them.

Is a lesion the same thing as a tumor? My doctor cannot tell me what this thing is. Should this thing be removed?

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ANSWER: Hello Sheila,
I remember discussing this with you a while back.
I can see the lesion and understand why your doctors may have difficult time figuring out what it is. Lesion does not equal tumor.  It is a word we use to describe an abnormal focus. Did you ever have a CT of your head? that may help to distinguish calcification.  In any case, I highly doubt that this spot was a reason for your symptoms. We really don't know how long this was there and perhaps it was there for years. Stability means a lot in this case.  If that would be me, and after a reasonable work up nothing was revealing, I would not touch this. some people have skin tags, you got this :). Perhaps follow up within a year to make sure it is stable over a longer period of time.
Hope this helps.


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Thank you for your answer. They initially did a ct scan with the headaches and said the same thing as the mri, possible thrombosed aneurysm or calcification. At that time they said extra axial on the ct.

After that episode they did the new mri and an eeg. The eeg came back with left temporal slowing. I also have an abnormal left pupil.

So I don't know what to think. Thank you for your help.

I see.  I think I remember you telling me before that they screened you for other aneurysms as well.  From the CT report it looks like something calcified and a thrombosed calcified aneurysm is certainly a good though.  I doubg EEG findings have anything to do with it though as it is outside the brain and not really effecting the brain itself.  
There is a distant other possibility for such incidental calcifications which sometime happen in people who consume a lot of pork products which if not cooked properly carries an infection called neurocysticercosis. when the infection heals, it calcifies.  Not sure if that applies at all but just mentioning it for the sake of discussion of non specific calcifications. I think if you have no other aneurysms, you should be ok with that little focus...If your doctors would like to follow it up at some point, it may be a good idea...together with an MR angiogram to screen blood vessels again.



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