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I am a 49 female who is 5'10" and weighs 150 pounds. Three years ago, I had clear cell stage 1 - grade 3 kidney cancer in the right kidney. Had surgery all was good. This year we had a ultrasound instead of a Ct scan. The report came back 5 x 5 x 9 M&M benign-appearing echogenic focus in the mid to upper left kidney likely represents a small angiomyolipoma.
 Ok, the doctor said it is too small to biopsy. So we need to wait to see if it grows. Having a ct in November.

My question is in March, I had a Ct scan done with contrast. It should have showed up on that one right? Could the ultrasound be wrong? What test do i need? Thanks for your time.

Hello, Deb.

What part of the body did you have CT scanned in March? If it didn't include the abdomen, the scan would not visualize the kidneys.

Angiomyolipomas are not cancerous, though they can be problematic if they grow too large: I have seen many of these during my time in CT. They are relatively common and normally not troublesome.

Your ultrasound results are probably accurate. A follow-up CT in November seems an appropriate recommendation. If you think otherwise, I recommend you seek a second opinion. But, as far as I can tell, your physician is ordering the appropriate diagnostic imaging tests.

Hope this helps,


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