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I was wondering if you tell me what these readings from my
MRI mean.I know there is a spot on my lung and they are
monitoring every 3 months so this will be my second MRI
next week.
This was my last reading:
Mild to moderate centrilobular bullous changes are noted,mainly involving upper lungs.
9.7mm small hazy nodular opacity is noted in the left lung base posteriorly.

Thanks for taking time out to read all these questions we all have.

Hello Debbie,

1 cm nodule is really non specific. We see numerous nodules daily in many patients and since we don't know which one is benign and which one is malignant, we need to follow them to see if they grow. If they grow at some significant rate then they are MORE likely to be malignant, ie cancerous.  Since the size of the nodule is close to 1 cm, it may be evaluated with PET which you are getting which will tell if the nodule is malignant or not and may preclude future follow ups.  However, usually pulmonary nodules are not follow with MRI but rather CT, so I think you are getting CT for it.  MRI is not a useful exam to evalute pulmonary nodules.

Hope this helps.

Michael K.


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