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I have read online that if you have a pet scan you need to lay still from between 60-90 min on your back.
Well I can't lay still on my back for that long.
I have herniated discs in lumbar area and more heriated
discs in cervical area so my legs and feet are tingly and
I can't keep them still plus I always lay down and sleep on my side.What could they do for me if I need this test done
for a spotting of a nodule on my lung.


Hello Debbie,

I think 60-90 min is greatly overestimated.  Most of the scans are done within 30min. If a patient is greatly overweight then it may take a little longer.  Some facilities also give patients Ativan to relax.  Additionally, patients may be positioned on their stomachs or sides, as long as it is a comfortable position to hold for the duration of the scan.

Hope this helps.



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