QUESTION: I had an ultrasound done on thigh. The report said a 6x 6mm subcutis echogenic mass in region of the palpable abnormality with lipoma or mesenchymal tumor favored.  Do you think this needs a biopsy? Went to one surgeon and ask me to find it and couldn't then tried to make a joke out of my visit. No my doctor is sending me to another surgeon. I have some pain in the area .

ANSWER: Lanette,

It is hard to say what it is for sure and if this needs a biopsy or not.  Is it new? is it growing?  There are other radiology tools at our disposal such as CT or MRI that will need to be performed prior to sticking needles into you. This exams can easily diagnose a lipoma from a tumor.  If it is stable for long period of time then CT or MRI may be an overkill...but I would certainly employ them prior to needles.

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QUESTION: To answer your question it has been in my thigh for 9 months now and doctor said interval growth

That changes things a bit...if you know exactly when it appeared and that it is growing...then I would suggest and MRI with contrast. This will answer most of the questions. The probability of this being mesenchymal tumor also depends on how deep this realy is. I would say that if the nodule picks up contrast on MRI then I would adivse biopsing it, especially that there is interval growth.

It is interesting that when I am given two sentences with no details and provide a reasonable response based on extremely limited information, people rate knowledge and clarity and then provide more information...when the doctors who see patients can't figure it out, the expectations of the internet interaction approach magic...



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