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Radiology/lump on thigh negative mri and ultrasound


I have a lump on my thigh (in the back about three inches above the knee)  I have had an ultrasound (negative) a vascular ultrasound (negative though they did suggest it might be a calcified sheath on my tendon) and now an mri (negative)  The lump in painful (very) upon touch or movement.  It also hurts just sitting doing nothing.  I am so very very frustrated.  I just want the pain gone and don't want a life of pain meds.  Any suggestions.  Also I do have a cd of the mri and will be showing it to an orthro Dr on Thursday.

Hello, Kristine.

You are doing the right thing by getting a second opinion. I'm not qualified to diagnose disease. It's odd that such a painful lump would be undetected by MRI.

Are you sure the MRI included the area of interest? A routine MRI of the knee goes no higher than the top of your knee cap. That may not have been high enough to show something 3" above and behind the knee. So hopefully, yours was an MRI of the thigh instead of just the knee.

MRI techs are trained to mark any lump or specific area of interest with an oil marker so the radiologist knows just where to look for the problem. If you didn't mention the lump to your MRI tech and s/he didn't place a marker on your lump, the MRI may not show it.

Hope this helps,


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