My mom had cancer on her tounge.

It was on the right side of her tounge and they toock the price of cancer off.

Forgive my spelling but it was a.   Sqwamish  cell.  And they got it.

They toock 50 lymph nodes from her neck and just one lymph node had the cancer in it.

So she is getting a light version of.  Semi  and radiation.

She just was getting radiation every day for six weeks and every Monday is cemo.

Now she just has two weeks of radiation and two more demo days.

Her through and mouth are very very sore and she can not eat anything but cream of sweet.

She toock.  Morphine.  For the pain but did not help.

She can not take any pain meds they do not worn with her and make her sick or pass out.

Do you know of anything that will number her mouth?

The radiation gave her sores all in her mouth.

Hello, Bob.

I'm so sorry your mom is having such trouble. I wish I could help you, but this is not my area of expertise. I recommend you contact your mom's cancer doctor immediately to ask for something to relieve her pain.

In the meantime, you might visit your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for a recommendation. Alternately, you might try a numbing throat spray like Chloraseptic. Also, look for an over the counter remedy for mouth ulcers, which may help.

Hope your mom feels better soon. Best of luck to you,


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