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CT Scan was ordered to rule out a failed c5/c6 fusion. I have a follow up apt next month to discuss these findings, but I'm hoping you can help me understand them a little more. I believe the fusion failed, but here are the results.

C5-C6 ACDF postoperative changes are noted. There is partial vertebral body osseous incorporation of the bone plug prosthesis, with a persistent endplate circumferentially. Remaining levels are unremarkable.

IMPRESSION: C5-C6 ACDF Postoperative changes as noted. NO Bony Findings.

I am not sure if it failed  The findings indicate that the bone plug was incorporated. Not all of the bony margins need to be incorporated for the fusion to be stable. and depending on when you had it done, the fusion will mature later.
So I would not be worried about failure just yet.  Let your surgeon examine you and look at the images to see if it is an expected progression.

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