Radiology/MRI findings


Results in MRI
1.L3-L4 broad based bulge with facet and ligamentum hypertrophy.
2.L4-L5 disc herniation with bilateral facet and ligamentum hypertrophy impingement on the exiting right nerve root.
mild stenosis at L-3-L-4.
I have been in so very much pain, from lower back, buttocks all the way down to ankle. Been in PT for 9 weeks no progress, Doctor on vacation, no pain meds. I herniated the L-5 24 years ago Can you help me understand what this all means.
Thank you so much

The biggest piece of information I get from this is that there is impingement on the nerve root.  That means something is pressing on the nerve that is causing your pain.  Nerve pain can be very severe.  I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable.   If the PT isn't helping, you should definitely see your doctor again.  Have you seen a pain management doctor?  They can sometimes give injections that will help the pain, so i would suggest seeing someone in that specialty if you haven't already.  In the mean time, has your doctor suggested over the counter medicine(such as aleve or Advil)?  I hope you get relief soon.  


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