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hello, Delia.  I had one neck and sinus CT scan several years ago. My question is how I can get the information about the actual radiation dose of that scan. I know someone saw the dose information when she was taking the test. But I want to know whether it is possible to find the dose information several years later. Do the CT scan films had the information?

Also, I know I have 10 films from that scan. Does that mean the dose was high because they took  quite some images?

Hi, Katherine.

Sometimes CT films include the dosage used for the exam. If yours don't indicate the dosage, you can approximate your exposure by using the chart on this page:

Ten films is not abnormal. Each CT image represents a very thin slice (measured in millimeters) of your anatomy, which is why there are so many images. This does not mean that your exposure was unusually high.

Hope this helps,


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