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Hi micheal,
I had a back mri done by a back specialist which found a small herniated disc.
When he showed me the images on screen I asked what a large area of shaded dark gey was .. He said that's your liver.  I noticed a round circular darker colour spot within the grey but did not ask about it.
However now I am wondering if this was something i should have spoken up about, and that as he was a back specialist and the mri had been interpretreted by a musculoskeletal-skeleton radiographer...would he have necessarily noted the dark spot or just concentrated on what the mri had been ordered for I.e. the back problem.

Your insight would be very helpful.
Additionally could you tell me if it is not recommended to have repeat mri scans within a few months.. Or if they are harmless.
Thank you

Hello Alice,
Your radiologist may not have commented on the focus in the liver because he was not concerned. We see many things that happen to be on the image and It is a personal choice whether incidental findings are included in the report. I personally don't include them as they clutter the report. However in those instances I am absolutely sure that what I am looking at is a non significant finding.
If you can attach  an image here, I'd be happy to comment on it. Also, don't hesitate to call the radiology center and ask to speak to a radiologist, and ask him her the question.
As far as we know, MRI has no side effects or risks and we are not concerned for multiple MRI exams regardless of how close they are. There is no radiation used in MRI.
Let me now if I can clarify anything else.


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