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I have a couple of questions at the end. The following are the results from a shoulder MRI because of a lot of shoulder pain.


1. Low grade intrasubstance tearing to include a delaminating type tear at and adjacentto the footprint of the posterior fibers of supraspinatus tendon/anterior fibers of the infraspinatustendon on a background of mild tendinosis. No full thickness rotator cuff tears.

2. Small subacromial/subdeltoid bursal fluid can be seen bursitis; correlate clinically.

3. Altered signal and irregularity of the superior labrum probably representing tearing (age indeterminate) without extension into the longhead of the biceps tendon.

I'm going to a DR. in 3 weeks, but would like an idea of what this is saying. 1. Am I reading this right in that its saying I have 3 separate tears? 2. If this MRI Report is correct, are these results if correct painful? 3. Are the suggested tears rotator cuff tears and is this report suggesting a severe shoulder problem.

Thank You.

sorry for the delay in reply. Your question was in a "general pool" which I accidentally visited and found it.  Not sure how it got there.

The report describes degenerative/overuse findings. Under #1, the findings do refer to a rotator cuff degeneration with tendinosis (inflammation). Bursitis is sometimes seen by itself or in combination with other overuse findings.  It is a small fluid accumulation in pouches around the joint.  Labral tear is probably the most significant finding and may be from prior trauma, dislocation or overuse.

Some of these findings can certainly be painful.  It is difficult to establish how severe it is without examining you and correlating your symptoms with MRI.  All of these are very very common so future management will greatly depend on your life style, limitations due to pain, and you age.

Hope this helps.



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