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Hi Michael,
Thank you for taking the time to review my question. I have been having upper left ribcage pain fairly regularly for 1 year. Chest xray and labs negative. So GP sent me for abd.u/s which was done by a sonographer not an MD. I noticed at the end of the test he cleaned up my abdomen but kept me talking for about 5 minutes. I wondered if the radiologist was in another room viewing the results before letting me go, like when I have a mammogram. Is that standard practice?

hello Chana,

MD do not do US on a regular basis. it is a job of a sonographer who is a technologist specifically trained in US.  It is true that mammo US is a bit different and requires a bit more of a MD involvement but even then some practices have US techs do the mammo US with a radiologist in the next room reviewing the images and if necessary coming into the room and looking him/herself.
Your experience is standard of practice for an US. It depends on a practice if a radiologists review images right away prior to letting the patient go.  It is certainly a part of practice where I work and is a better way.  Radiologists however doesn't necessarily review the images to the point of making a diagnosis and report but rather for quality and to make a decision on any additional images that may be necessary.

Hope this is helpful.



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