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Radiology/coccyx xray's effect on semen


I just had a hip/pelvic area xray done yesterday to look at my coccyx bone as it has been protruding and causing some pain. My groin area was exposed to x rays and the lead apron was used on my chest only. One was done standing, another done laying down and one to my side.  

Within the next month I will be going through with artificial insemination with my wife and was wondering what the facts are on its effect on the semen as I google for information on it and I read about DNA damage and possible genetic changes to the semen. My Primary doctor says it does have an effect.  This is a very sensitive question so I was hoping if you could provide your expert opinion on this. Thanks

Sorry for the delay in replying.
While we try to protect pelvic organs when we can, a few xrays will not have any measurable impact on your reproductive organs and semen. The amount of radiation from an xray is miniscule.
There is plenty of scary information on the internet but it needs to be considered in a proper context and circumstance.

Hope this is helpful.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.



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