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Hello.  My 8 year old has had a lot of x-rays (in my opinion) since he was little.  He has had the x-ray of the barium swallow when he was few months old to diagnose reflux, has had a scoliosis survey, an abdominal x-ray (I think) and CT of the head.  He has only had two dental x-rays.  He has nice teeth, without cavities - I have refused more.  Is there a way to determine what his increased lifetime risk is for developing cancer for all of this radiation?  Do you think he has had a substantial amount?  3.)  He hasn't had any cavities but will definitely need ortho work, and will want a panorex.  Should I insist on no further xrays for routine dental exams or ortho?  I am so concerned he has been exposed to too much radiation and is going to suffer from cancer in the future.  Thank you for your time.


What you are describing is not any significant amount of radiation at all. I wouldn't worry about it.
When we talk about significant radiation we think of tens and tens of CT exams and fluoro exams that are done through the same body region.

I am almost hesitant to give you a site for the cancer risk as the dose from your history is negligable.  but in the interest of full disclosure and information here it is.

You shound't necessarily refuse further radiology studies but rather discuss the benefits of them with doctors.  There is always a ratio of risk to benefit.

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