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Radiology/MRI and avascular necrosis



I would like to know how long is an avascular necrosis of the hip visible on MRI. I know it can be seen early, but how long does it take for the body to heal the bone marrow and trabeculae to a point that nothing is visible on the MRI?

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Avascular necrosis will always be seen on MRI.  If the finding is in fact necrosis which means dead tissue then that tissue will not be healed.  Femoral head avascular necrosis will only progress with a collapse of the top of the femoral head within a hip joint.  As the necrosis progresses and the bone collapses it will also be later seen on plain radiographs.  Now, the question is is it truely necrosis or there is only oedema seen on MRI.  If you only have oedema that it does not necessarily mean necrosis.  Depending on other circumstances there are other limited possibilites to include transient osteoporosis of the hip (femoral head) usually in the young; in which case there is a period of non weight bearing on that leg...

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