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I had a MRI scan a few months ago due to visual disturbances and the result was that the scan was normal.  However, the Radiographer did not mention a previously diagnosed condition - the cerebellar tonsils being slightly low lying at 2.5mm below the foramen magnum. When this was queried he confirmed there was no evidence of this at all.  I took a copy of this scan to a Neuro Surgeon for his opinion and unfortunately he could not comment on this condition because it was the wrong type of scan.  I do have doubts about the whole scan now because of this.

I would be grateful therefore for any comments you have or advice on this.  Thanks.

While I can't be entirely sure how to answer this, I'm curious if they gave you contrast with the MRI.  This is the only reason that the neurosurgeon may not have been able to visualize everything.  If that's the case, maybe ask your physician to send you for a repeat with contrast.  Hope this helps and you get some answers.



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