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Radiology/ultrasound for thyroid goiter evaluation


Hi Lauren,

An endocrinologist ordered my first ever thyroid ultrasound after detecting a thyroid goiter by palpation.  She did additional blood work which showed my parathyroid in normal limits.  

I have actually been seeing a different top-rated endocrinologist for years, who subsequently described the goiter/thyroid as "thick" on later exam.  That's all she said and also recommended the ultrasound.

My question is that the first endocrinologist has a private practice and has a subcontracted imaging company come into her office to do the ultrasounds.  I do not know if she has a financial interest in the imaging company.  My long time endocrinologist would probably have me do the ultrasound at the hospital where her practice is.

My brother in law, a radiation oncologist, said it is not necessarily a more accurate read on this ultrasound at a hospital.  I have some reservations about the first endo because she has lackluster reviews on  However, she saved my life when I had a diabetic coma in November 2011.  And I think she is probably a good diagnostician.
My longtime endocrinologist says the other doctor is a good endocrinologist (the one with the subcontractor).

Can you please give me some advice on how to evaluate where I would obtain the most accurate ultrasounds for this?  Where would you have this ultrasound done if you were me?

Thanks for any help you can give.  Happy Thanksgiving to you.


Hi Sharon,
The most important thing is that you are comfortable with and trust your doctors.  To be honest, you can have the ultrasound anywhere you'd like with your doctor's rx.  Does it make a difference?  In my opinion, not really.  Ultrasound techs (no matter where they practice) are trained in their specialty.  In my hospital, some of our ultrasound techs actually go out to doctors offices on a daily basis, come back and our doctors read them--not necessarily the case here, but you get my point.  The truth is, once you have the ultrasound you can get a copy of the report from the radiologist and images and have them read by another physician if you choose to do so.  
In the end, I recommend that you go wherever is most convenient for you.  Best wishes and I hope this helps.


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