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QUESTION: Hi Michael, Rob here again. Thank you for looking at my scan before. Superb advice. i`m getting some pro physio for my back.

After looking at my head scan i was wondering if it showed any sign of Brain damage or injury. The reason i ask is, years ago i had a nasty head injury and got run over. With all the talk of head injuries catching up with people i am worried about the old head injury.

I also suffered about 8 concussions growing up playing sports.

i have attached 2 pictures which i am wondering about. Please could you take a look at my head scan.

Maybe there is not any damage and it`s just the sequence of images taken.

with the cerebellum, how much atrophy is needed before balance issues are shown. I do have balance problems.

Best Regards and Thank you.


Happy to help.

There is no evidence of brain damage on the two images I see.
headscan1, top circle - volume average of the adjacent bone. bottom circle part of a dural venous sinus.
headscan2, top area - volume average with a superior sagittal sinus; bottom area is a normal vermis part of the cerebellum without any atrophy.
Can you send me an image from the same series as headscan1 but at the level that would go through the middle of the area outlined on the top of headscan2.  Sorry if this is confusing. I just want to see you superior sagittal sinus in a different plane.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the quick reply.

i have set up a link to all the files in the mri scan also.

I can`t understand why i am having the balance and dizziness problems along with numbness in my right side face and right thigh. Along with some cognitive and speech problems.

it could be Fibromyalgia and i hope its not something more serious. The pulsatile tinnitus is still there though. I think i will have to get a Contrast MRI soon.

I had a slight cardiac problem with the left ventricle function. It was 53% ejection fraction.

Thank you for looking at the mri pictures. i`m glad there is no evidence of brain damage.


I am can't look at .rar files that decompress into jpg. I need DICOM images.
Your cardiac function may have something to do with being dizzy, especially if your blood pressure is on the low side.  That Ejection with lower blood pressure may certainly give you dizziness and perception of balance problems.


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