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Radiology/Any abnormal thoughts on this enhanced Brain MRI scan?


MRI brain
MRI brain  
I had a brain scan MRI and after my test they pulled me out and they told me they were going to inject some fluid intake more testing. They also told me I would hear back within a week I requested a copy of this MRI in which I brought up on my computer. I looked at it very carefully. I have found concerning white lesions and I need to know if this is normal or not? Do you think in your opinion I should pursue and get the results sent to me. I've had transient global amnesia at the beginning of 2013 I had cognitive alterations personality change impairment and memory. I have also a soft tissue mass on my left hand approximately 2 cm which had x-ray did not hear back from either. My blood has been changing I have vascular changes and huge rashes up and down my legs I'm concerned this is something pretty big and I'm not hearing anything back. And your professional opinion please can you tell me what you think? Please see attached picture. Thanks.

Dear Cheri,

The image on the left (or perhaps the first image you uploaded) can not interpreted; it is sort of a 3D image that has everything superimposed. Not sure how you got that image but is not used for any interpretation of the MRI. The second image does show asymmetrical white spot on the left side of the image (which is actually your right side) however, i need to see the same level on other types of sequences that were obtained. There has to be a folder named FLAIR, so from that folder or sequence, I need to see this image and probably the one above and below it.

From a very limited information this is likely a non aggressive and most likely benign cyst, sometimes called choroid fissure cyst...but again this is my best guess and not a final answer given limited info.  

Let me know if you want me to look at more images.



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