xray abdomen
xray abdomen  
Hello, firstly, thank you for your time.
My Partner a female of 48 has a history of increasing pelvic, abdominal and lower back pain, which began in the 4th week of pregnancy (Jan 2009).Gait analysis shows that her right ilium is rotated anteriorally on sitting and that her left ilium is rotated posteriorally on standing. When walking, She "vaults" over the left hip. Previous MRI's have been of poor quality and focaussed on the spine, which appears normal. Because of the twist, She has mild functional scoliosis. We have recently had an xray done, but will not have a follow up appt for two months.
Due to considerations around an underlying autoimmune disease, (Graves), could I ask the following questions?
There is an oval shape in the lower left quadrant, which when the image is darkened, shows a larger, embryonic shape surrounding it. Is this potentially significant?
There appears to be a gas pocket under the left ribcage and a section of bowel that appears "flattened". Is this normal? It hurts here a lot.
In front of the uterus, there is a curved arm-like shape, is this a fallopian tube and is it correctly positioned?
Are the liver and spleen of normal proportions?
Sorry it was so long, thank you.

Hello Vincent,

Sorry to hear about the troubles and pain.
1. Oval shaped sctructure as well as more midline irregular shape lower are all part of the colon with stool inside.  
2. The gas pocket is normal. But there is signifcant amount of stool through out the colon.
3. The darker midline structure (where you say uterus) is not uterus and arm like shape is not fallopian tube. This is all gas and stool in the colon.
4. I only see the lower edge of the liver and it looks ok. The rest of the abdominal organs are not well demarkated on the xray.
While the spine does have mild curviture, it is nothing significant.
If you partner suffers from constipation, it would correlate well with the radiograph.

Hope this is helpful.



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