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I recently had a quite extensive mri (2 hours) for pain behind my scapula and what a dr felt like was a soft tissue mass.  After completion of the mri, I recieved notice that the radiologist had faxed a document stating that he had looked at the mri and everything seemed normal.
  When they took the mri, they marked the spot with a little liquid capsule. I requested my own copy upon completion of the mri and looked through the images myself.  It appears there is something there on the mri (in the area of pain and under their capsule marker).  I was kind of surprised when his analysis came back normal.  I am including a couple of the screen captures of the mri with this question. Is this really nothing?


There is certainly asymmetry to what you have circled.  I would need more images before and after and also in a different plane to tell you exactly what it is. However, it may be asymmetric on that one slice, and the opposite side may be more prominent on the next slice. This is because you are not perfectly symmetrical on MRI table. and the planes of images through your body may be also slightly off.  If it is asymmetric no matter how you slice it then it is still possible to have a normal structure like that. Again, difficult to say what it is from a single image but veins and venous plexus within muscles may be quite asymmetric.  Around this region, are muscles and this images does not demonstrate any edema in the region as we could see with inflammation of any sort.  

Hope this helps somewhat. I'll be happy to clarify any points if you'd like.



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