Hi Michael,
I've got another question for you (I've been feeling ill so had several tests, hence all the questions). I recently had a thyroid ultrasound. I'm wondering if you could dumb down the findings for me. They are as follows (I am in particular curious about hypoechoic lymph node)

Right lobe measures 6.1 x 1.3 x 1.6 cm. with a calculated volume of 6.2 ml.

Left lobe measures 4.9 x 1.0 x 1.7 cm. with a calculated volume of 3.9 ml.

Thyroid gland: Thyroid is homogenuous in echotexture.

Vascularity: The vascularity is normal.

Nodules: Right lobe demonstrates two small nodules in the inferior pole, one measuring 6 mm and the other measuring 4 mm. No discrete nodules are seen in the left lobe.

Lymph Nodes: Small sub-centimeter bilateral neck nodes are seen.

Inferior to the left lobe is a hyopechoic nodule measuring 1.3 x .8 cm with well circumscribed margins, question left parathyroid gland.

Impression: 1. Small right nodules can be followed with ultra sound in one year. 2. Question left parathyroid gland.

I'm a tad concerned about thyroid cancer because I had a lot of diagnostic chest radiation as an infant. I'm not all that concerned about the Pappillary kind, but the anaplastic kind scares the crap out of me (for obvious reasons). Any insight would be appreciated Thanks again.

Hi Jennifer, thank you for your donation again.

it doesn't say that it was a little node that was hypoechoic. Just a nodule. While it may be a lymph node,a possibility of a enlarged parathyroid gland is mentioned. Your doctor can check calcium level to see if parathyroid hormone is abnormal potentially pointing to an enlarged and hyper functioning parathyroid gland. A small lymph node may be very normal in that location. I think if your calcium is normal, the best thing would be to follow up with another ultrasound to document stability. Overall, the findings are not worrisome but certainly several things need to be checked.benign thyroid nodules are very very common across many populations.
Hope this helps.


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