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Help explain the results in l
ayman's terms,on my results.....
T11-T12:There is mild disc bulge resulting in minimal ventral encroachment n the thermal sac.
L1-L2:There is a broad disc bulge and facet hypertrophy.
L2-L3:There is a small right paracentral  disc protrusion superimposed on a broad disc bulge and facet hypertrophy resulting in mild eccentric right spinal stenosis.
L3-L4:There is mild disc bulge and hypertrophy contributing to mild multifactorial spinal stenosis and minimal right foraminal narrowing.
L4-L5: There is mild disc bulge and facet hypertrophy resulting in mild multifactorial spinal stenosis and mild bilateral forminal stenosis.There is a foraminal annular tear. There is also a 3 mm posteriorly projecting synovial cyst on the left facet joint extending into the paraspinal soft tissue.
L5-S1:There is minimal disc bulge and bilateral facet hypertrophy.

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There is a lot of specific descriptive words that overall say that you have mild degeneration of the spine.  the findings described in the report are very very common in many different populations.  you should know that even though the report describes many mild things, they may not cause any symptoms by themselves.  If you have a specific pain that radiates into the hip or leg then your doctor could correlate that specific symptoms with what is shown on MRI; otherwise, non specific back pain is a very difficult and complex topic for us, doctors, to treat.  Treatments vary from physical therapy to medication to injections to surgeries.  I won't go into specific terms and what they actually mean as I don't think describing specific anatomic landmarks is that useful.  I answered numerous questions regarding MRI and back pain and you are more than welcome to look through all of my answers with topics related to yours.  
Nothing in your report is out of the ordinary, expected with age, degenerative changes. No single finding is worrisome but overall the findings need to be correlated with specific symptoms that you may have.
Hope this helps somewhat. If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask a follow up.
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