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QUESTION: Just need help understanding... My report reads 1.5x1.7x1.1 cm ovoid hypoechoic irregular solid mass with some cystic foci within the mass. The legion is considered suspicious. This conceivably contributed to the focal asymmetry seen on the mammogram. I'm listed as birads 4 no letter. From what I understand oval means benign but the rest sounds otherwise so I'm confused. I'm scheduled for a surgical biopsy. Anything you can add would be great.

ANSWER: Jennifer,

You are absolutly correct that this is something that must be sampled.  Oval may be benign when it has nice clear margins and even then depending on other features it may get biopsied.  The mass that you have certainly needs a biopsy as soon as possible.

You are on the right tract with your appointments.


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QUESTION: Based on this description what would you rate the letter for birads? Just curious I know you can't give a diagnosis but I see oval and I think benign but the eat of the description suggests cancer.

ANSWER: Jennifer,
I agree with BIRADS 4 from the description given. I think it is important not to jump to conclusions and take it one step at a time.  I need you to understand that even in worst case scenario not all cancers are created equal and as much as the word itself scares most everyone, we are very very successful in CURING not just treating many cancers, especially breast cancers.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Michael K.

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QUESTION: Sorry I was asking which letter 4a 4b or 4c since one was not assigned to my birad score

That would be difficult to assign without looking at the images.
In reality, all BIRADS are useful for further actions but not much else  - normal, benign, question with follow up, suspicious, very suspicious, very very suspicious, extremely suspicious, and finally "we know it's cancer but we have to biopsy "....
Once you into a suspicious category - the next step is the same for all of them and that is biopsy.



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