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Mri of Achilles\' tendon
Mri of Achilles' tendo  
I partial tore my Achilles' tendon in 2001. Had a surgery done and it went wonderful, until now. In September of this year, my same Achilles' tendon started to act up not bad but annoying. In January, it just got downright painful. I thought I could handle it but I am afraid even after physical therapy, I could not get a control of the pain. I have sent you the report of the mri that I just had done. Is surgery the only option? Since this is my second time, what can we do to make that tendon shape up? I am 50 year old female who is not overweight. Love to bike ride and walk. Thanks for your time:)

Hello Sarah,

I would like to say that advise on treatment is not my expertise.  it does appear that there is significant inflammation at the tendon.  Also, one would also need to do a plain xray to see small bone details which do not show up on MRI very well.  It may be that there is a degenerative bone formation near the tendon causing the inflammation..but that is just a guess.  Additionally, I am not sure that surgery is an option. I would suggest you seek evaluation with a physical therapy and see what they say; in addition to your orthopaedic surgeon.

Hope this is somewhat helpful.



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