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QUESTION: I had an x-ray of my Lumbar spine and SI joints. These were done with digital x-rays at a local hospital. I'm trying to determine an approximate radiation dose I received. I'm a 35 year old female and weigh 50 kg and am 60 inches tall. Thank you

ANSWER: Katherine,
The dose received is less than flying on an airplane across the country.  However, site has many useful information for all kinds of exams to include doses.  It is a pretty interesting site and you can find out more about radiation exposure.

Hope this is helpful.


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QUESTION: I appreciate your timely response. Thank you. I did check out their website and it indicated that the dose is 1.5 mSv. Which is almost as much as a head CT. It seemed quite high for a plain film x ray. I was also told that the dosage is dependent on body weight. I'm 50 kg, does this mean I received a larger dose?
How do the xray machines even know how big a person is?


It may seems high relative to CT head but it is because of a lot of progress in CT technology which can now scan a head with only 2 mSv.  Dosage is dependent on weight and varies but not that much (unless you compare a baby with a 300lb person).  Radiology technologists are trained in dialing in an appropriate xray exposure to penetrate a given body.  There are guidelines and certainly experience that they use to produce a xray of a diagnostic quality. So the dose is more often chosen by a technologist and not the xray machine.  Now, CT is a totally different animal, and this is where a lot of progress has been made to dramatically reduce the dose.  Current modern CT machines figure out dose in microseconds as the bean penetrates the body and is captured by a detector on the other side. We now have a lot of modulation and different software that takes an low exposure CT xray and converts it into a diagnostic image of superb quality.



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