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Hello, I have two questions. First question is about MR of brain and neck. Can they prove or confirm the existence of multiple sclerosis? Second is a little embarrassing.  I'm interested in whether through these scans radiologist (neurologist) can find out that I have head lice?  I learned that this week and I'm to embarrassed to go to the doctor to do this tests. Thank you for you answer.

The diagnosis of MS can be confirmed with the visualization of lesions in the brain and spinal cord seen on MRI.  

Head lice can not be seen on a scan.  Were you exposed to someone that has lice? Lice are contagious and can be spread from person or object to other people.  So if you do have lice and didn't tell the techs that scanned you, it's possible for other people to catch them.  Your doctor or someone looking in your scalp should be able to see the lice and eggs.  There are over the counter treatments available.  Please don't be embarrassed by this, get treated.  


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