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Hello! My name is Rhonda and I have a few questions, hopefully you can answer for me.
Last Thursday I had an ultrasound done. The lady made me fill my bladder and I did but when she did the ultrasound she said my bladder wasn't full but I know it was because I had to pee, bad!
Anyways when she did the internal I was able to see the screen. I saw what looked like 2 sac like things on the screen at the very top of the ultrasound. They looked like bubbles to me lol. I'm not sure what they were but they were right beside one another. I am not taking any fertility drugs so I know it wasn't follicles. And another thing that struck me weird was she kept listening to a heartbeat over and over and over and over again. So I guess to sum this all up my question to you would be, could those "bubbles possibly be sacs? Meaning I am pregnant? And why would she keep listening to a heartbeat again and again? Thank you for taking the time to read This and I will be on the look out for an email back! Thank you


It is difficult to tell you what you saw from the description. Sometimes the bladder is not as distended as we'd like even when you think it is full...but what is important is an internal part of the exam.  I am not sure what those bubbles possibility out of many is that they may have been ovarian follicles...may be.   If you would be pregnant, i would hope she would tell you that!  However, since she didn't, we can both assume that you are not :)  What the technologist was listening to was not a heart beat...well...not exactly... she was listening to a blood flow to your ovaries which is a normal and important part of the examination. What you heard was a pulse in your ovaries so to speak.

Hope this is helpful.



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