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40 form 100
40 form 100  
40 from 91
40 from 91  
QUESTION: Hello.  I have no doubt that it must be extremely complicated and take extensive training to do your job, that is for sure.

Attached are a couple more.  The first is from the folder labeled AX SWI (17.5mm/1.8 mm) - it's the 40th out of 91.  The second is from another folder labeled AX SWI (3.5mm/1.8mm)- ith's the 41st out of 100.  Thank you very much Dr.

ANSWER: Cindy,
I think we are in right right region on these. Unfortunately these don't help with figuring things out.  I wouldn't worry about it too much but would certainly get a repeat MRI in the future to make sure it is stable.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: When do you recommend I have a follow-up scan?  Thank you so much. Out I every doc that's laid their eyes on my brain lately, no one recommended that- so I truly appreciate it. Is there a good chance it's nothing to worry about?  Thank you.

Well, that is a good question.
Your doctors may be right but I don't see the whole scan and have to rely only on a limited info.  In all likelihood this is absolutely nothing to worry about.  However, if this is the only area of abnormality in the brain, then it's location is a bit peculiar.  Now we know that it was stable for two years and that is very helpful.  I would suggest getting another MRI in two years with contrast. If you ever have a chance or can ask someone to upload the whole scan into a dropbox or some other site, let me know and I'll review it.



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