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Hello my son was injuried while playing football last night. Hard hit!! He is 13yrs old. They took him by squad. He was complaining of middle back pain and pain when breathing and a headache.
Er doctor and radiologist said compression fractures of t4 thru t8.
We went to ortho today and he was in our room for 5mins and no he is fine. He said if he would have taken that xray last week it would be the same as now. He said his spine curves a lot and they will watch that. He said radiologist read it wrong a lot.
So less than 12 hrs ago he had numerous fractures and now nothing. Just wanting to see if you can give me your "opionin"?  I have a pic if his xray

Hello Angie,
The radiograph is normal for a 13 year old boy.  I would agree that this is an overcall my a radiologist. I would take issue with "read it wrong a lot"; seems like a bit self serving on a part of a ortho doc.
However, if the radiologist is not familiar with a pediatric appearance of the spine or doesn't read a lot of pediatric xrays such overcalls may happen.  Perhaps he was a bit biased by a history of a significant trauma. ortho doc sees the patient and can correlate history with how the patient looks; radiologists don't have that luxury.

Hope this helps.



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