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QUESTION: My MRI  scan brain shows:
two small focal flair hot spots  in either frontal lobes subcortically.
Mild Peri ventricular gliosis.
Age related mild diffuse atrophy.
Mild asymmetrical prominance of temporal horn on right side as compared to left side.

The radiologist says all the above are age related. I am 53 years old. Is he correct.

ANSWER: Ramesh,
Yes none of the findings are concerning by description and may be seen with age, depending on overall health and family history of cardiovascular problems. Things like diabetes,  high blood pressure...

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear. Doctor,
Thanks for your answer. I would like to add that I am hypertensive since long and am on anti hypertensive treatment. Both my family sides are also hypertensive and have had cardiac intervention for blocked arteries. My father lived upto 85 years of age and probably died of mother is fine and is about 78 years old and in reasonable health but suffers from high anxiety. My brother and sister  also has an anxious personality and is being treated for it. I too have an anxious personality with SOS treatment of the same. Though my parents were/are not diabetic and neither is anyone so in my immediate family but my mothers has brothers and sisters are mild diabetics.
What is my prognosis.
I have been rattled by the brain scan results and have had extreme thoughts about MS, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's etc. all through the net and the radiologist has told me to stop reading info on the net and leave the job of doctors to them.
I feel that I am doomed due to the scan results since I have always been a perfectionist and want all to be perfect including my scan results.
Please help by reassuring me that all is fine.

I would agree with your doctors' advice :)
The findings would support mild changes from vascular problems such as hypertension etc...
It would be very unlikely that a male with your ethnic background would have MS...and your age...I assume you are over 50.
Schizophrenia is not a MRI diagnosis, most of people have normal MRI with that.
Parkinson's requires completely different symptoms and MRI findings.



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