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My neurologist has referred me back to my rheumatologist to ask about Lyme testing but in the mean time he went ahead and ordered a MRI of the brain and neck without contrast. In the same day My Family Dr put me on a Steroid Pack and Pain Dr is going to do a temporary 3rd occipital branch block. I forgot to mention the steroids or the nerve block to neurologist and he is now on vacation. Will it alter or mess up MRI results?  I will finish the steroids a week before MRI is scheduled and nerve block was scheduled a week before mri also. Should I be making a fuss about not having contrast?

Hello Kim,

Usually steroids do not have any affect on MRI exam.   With very high doses of steroids, it may however decrease the sensitivity of contrast enhanced images in rare instances.
I would not change anything, given a steroid pack.  Given a possibility of lyme diseaes or other similar conditions, I would encourage you to do MRI with contrast as your doctor ordered.

Hope this helps. Sorry for the delay in answering.



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