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Hello how are you doing

I'm a brand new radiology technician student and am currently in anatomy. I would like your advice add to how you were able to study and memorize the bajillion body parts and cavities and orifices and terminology?

Hello, Desirai.

Your question made me smile. Yes, learning anatomy can be overwhelming!

One of the ways to remember things is to use mnemonics - where you make a sentence out of the first letter of the anatomy part. For example, here's the one I learned for the cranial nerves:
On Old Olympus Towering Top A Fin A German Viewed A Hop
I. Olfactory
II. Optic
III. Oculomotor
IV. Trochlear
V. Trigeminal
VI. Abducens
VII. Facial
VIII. Auditory (Vestibulocochlear)
IX. Glossopharyngeal
X. Vagus
XI. Spinal Accessory
XII. Hypoglossal

(check out this website for other sentences that might help:

Here's one for the wrist (carpal) bones: Never Lower Tilly's Panties, Grandma Might Come Home.
Greater multangular,

or if you learned these names for the carpals:

S: scaphoid
L: lunate
T: triquetrum
P: pisiform
T: trapezium
T: trapezoid
C: capitate
H: hamate

use this mnemonic: Sam Likes To Push The Toy Car Hard
see this website for others:

I've discovered that there are loads of mnemonics on the internet now. Lucky for you! There was no such resource when I was learning.

Take comfort in knowing that it's not necessary to retain this knowledge after you pass your tests. I still have to search the internet when I don't remember where a certain muscle or ligament is. :)

Congratulations on being accepted into your Rad Tech program. And best of luck to you!

Hope this helps,


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