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It was first seen in a chest X-ray. Identified again yearly with a CAT scan. For (5yrs.) &   thought to be Mucous?? However it has grown Very Slowly over the 5 yrs. is still growing!
I had a lung biopsy this year and pulmonologist & radiologist very surprised, what they had thought was just "mucous", was now seen as a carcinoid tumor!!  Still growing VERY SLOWLY..
Conclusion was WAIT. & get another CAT in 1 yr..
I have no symptoms, & have had several second opinions. One.. Take it out, another wait!!
ALL this done at a large University Hospital, with good reputation!
SO..tell me your opinion? I certainly don't want to jump into lung surgery, however I also don't want to be stupid?  Blood work for tumor shows negative?  
I am a little confused as to whether "carcinoid tumor" actually means Cancer??

Hello, Jacquelyn.

Yes, I am so sorry to confirm that "carcinoid tumor" does mean cancer. Though I am not qualified to tell you how to treat your cancer, I was able to find this info @ :

No matter when the tumors are found, the prognosis is better the earlier treatment is started. "Some doctors used to think that because these tumors were so slow growing that it was better to wait until the tumors were causing problems to treat them," says Warner. "But we now know that surgery and other treatments work much better when done early. Early, aggressive treatment of carcinoid tumors leads to a much better outcome for patients."

Based on this paragraph, I would recommend that you treat this tumor aggressively.

Hope this helps,


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