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Radiology/Flamingo xrays for Pelvic instability and osteitis pubis


weight on right
weight on right  

standing on both
standing on both  
In order to determine pelvic instability, a vertical displacement of the symphysis pubis of 2mm or greater is required. I measured 4mm displacement on xray with weight on my right leg. Radiologist says "no evidence of pelvic instability". If you look at standing on both legs xray versus right leg only xray, and imagine the joint as knuckles pressed together, you can see the displacement. I would like some type of verification that there is indeed a vertical displacement of the symphysis pubis.

Hello, Amanda.

If you think the original radiology report is incorrect, I recommend that you request your films be interpreted by a second radiologist. I am not qualified to interpret images. I am only the photographer.

I wish I could have been of more help.

Hope you feel better soon,


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