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I am an older person and have had several ortho problems, which I hope are now resolving.  But I am curious about types of imaging tests.

This all started when I stress fractured my hip.  An x-ray just showed mild arthritis.  It took an MRI months later to show the stress fracture.  Then both knees were x-rayed and just showed mild arthritis, but MRIs showed torn meniscuses.

Then I injured my collarbone.  (All this stuff after the hip problem was apparently from overuse compensating for the injuries.)

I am puzzled as to why, after an x-ray of the collarbone, the doctor ordered an ultrasound and then the radiologist suggested a catscan.

Why is imaging for the collarbone different from for the hip and knees?  And is there one test that will find all the problems for the collarbone?

Thank you.

I am very sorry for the delay. I am actually not sure what was the reason behind US and CT. If you have symptoms radiating to your arm or hand then potentially they were looking at brachial plexus which are nerves going under the collar bone (clavicle) to your arm..and see if some fracture fragments were close to the nerves. That's the only potential explanation I can see without more history.
Hope this helps somewhat.
Michael K


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