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Hello Doctor,

First of all thank you for volunteering your valuable time and expertise to laymen such as myself. It is very kind of you.

I have a question about a PET scan done on my father with pancreatic cancer s/p total pancreatomy last August 2014 and f/b adjuvant gemzar. I wondered what what your thoughts were on life expectancy of a report stating ' diffuse involvement of the lungs, skeleton, lymph nodes, ( neck) with involvement of the subcutaneous nodules and the right diaphragmatic crus. This is suspicious for metastatic disease.' Small bilateral pleural effusion noted. How long does pleural effusion lay dormant? He is down hill spiraling and we were told six months thanks

Thank you


I am sorry for the delay in answering your question.   However, it is out of my area of expertise.  Certainly sounds that the disease disseminated widely but the question of life expectancy is the one for your oncologist.  I can answer questions as they relate to imaging.  I understand that it must be a very difficult time for you and your family.  I wish you strength.



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