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Today, I had a brain MRI. When I had MRIs in the past, I always kept my eyes closed. However, today I kept my eyes open and as they rolled me in I looked directly into a red laser light and then a brighter white light. Once it registered to me that I was staring directly into a laser, I closed my eyes but it was too late. I looked directly at it for several seconds. Could I have done permanent damage to my eyes by looking directly into the light? I don't notice any major problem now but could I have vision problems in the future because of this experience? I live in Louisiana so this was not a procedure performed by your organization. But I need an honest answer about this since I am worried. I think it could be a laser used by the tech to make sure my head was lined up correctly but I do not know. Any discussion you could provide about what this laser is and what danger I am in for looking at would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello, Glen.

You can relax. I believe the lasers used in positioning for medical imaging are Class 1 ( which are safe "under all conditions of normal use."

Also see which states, "The emissions produced by laser class 1 laser modules are harmless to the patient and are, therefore, often used."

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