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Hi Delia

         This isn't the " I have a friend" question...In the case, I really do, childhood friend. Recently he went to the ER because he was constipated, he was given a KUB Xray ( I think that's what it is) he is a MAJOR worrier, said it came back clear and he was sent home. Would a KUB pick up anything that might raise the proverbial "red flag"? Aside from the constipation.

Hello Rick.

A KUB (Kidneys-Ureter-Bladder) would pick up kidney stones, gall stones, constipation, broken bones and probably a number of other things. I am not qualified to "read" an x-ray. I am only the photographer. A radiologist would tell you exactly what they look for in a KUB.

If your friend doesn't trust the results of the KUB, I recommend he get a second opinion.

Hope this helps,


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