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Hi there.  I recently had an ultrasound done due to heavy periods, large blood clots,  leg and back pain and feeling of needing to use bathroom.  The ultrasound showed endometrial thickness 13mm. With subendometrial cysts.  Cysts in cervix.  And a 2.8cm complex cyst with septation and vascular flow in left ovary.  My ob wants to wait until after my next period to do a follow up ultrasound.  I am very worried about the complex cyst.  What are your thoughts?

Hello, Jeasica.

I have personal experience with this condition. Your ultrasound report sounds a lot like mine.

Apparently estrogen affects this condition, which is probably why your physician wants to scan you again after your next period. Between now and then, I recommend that you write down all your questions regarding your diagnosis and ask your physician during your follow up visit. (S)He is in the best position to help you understand your diagnosis and what it means in your life.

Hope this helps,


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