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Radiology/MRI for possible renal cell carcinoma


In using MRI for differential diagnosis of RCC from other possible conditions (e.g., angiomyolipomas), does it make a difference whether the MRI is an open-bore 1.5 Tesla machine or a closed-bore 3 Tesla machine?  Since the decision as to whether or not I need to have a kidney removed will largely depend upon imaging results, I want to insure that I have the best imaging possible.
Thank You

Hello, Paul.

Here is a good article comparing the 1.5 vs the 3.0 Tesla scanners:

There are a number of things to consider; cost, scan time, etc. The 1.5 Tesla magnet is the industry standard and can generate beautiful images. The 3.0 T magnet can create thinner slices and greater detail.

Your physician and the attending radiologist are the best people to decide which scanner would be best to visualize your kidneys. Either one will create acceptable images.

Best of luck with your results.

Hope this helps a little,


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